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The Artist's Journey: The Perfumed Pilgrim Tackles the Camino de Santiago

     Adventure  with Marcia Shaver as her artistic eye brings to life this famous  Pilgrimage. Her inspiring tale, enhanced with beautiful ink drawings  done each day, begins with the jitters and ends with gratitude. She  writes with warmth and awe of the people she encounters and daily events  that repeatedly exceed her wildest expectations.  

 This is an inspiring  story of 2 women in their 50's who set out to find adventure and come  home forever changed. The characters in this book are not super  athletes, linguistically gifted or rich and famous. They are normal  women just like so many others out there, but they leapt into the  unknown together. They made mistakes, laughed at themselves, met new  people and changed their outlook on the world. Trials, tribulations, and  testy travelers only spurred them along on the 1,299,852 steps across  Spain, from St. Jean Pied de Port, France to Finisterre. Choosing well  her walking companion, setting a practical pace with time to draw, and  drink in the revitalizing countryside, Marcia rediscovered her physical  strength--and more. From the depths of her soul rose her true nature as  the Pilgrim's Way nurtured it and let it shine forth. From her very  first drawing of St. Jean Pied de Port, Marcia's artwork is absolutely  exquisite and evocative, allowing us to see the Camino through an  artists eyes.    

Marcia hopes that the reader will learn not to let  anyone, including yourself, make you feel less than you are. The lessons  of the Camino were many: Don't stop before you reach your goal, no  matter how far or how difficult it seems. It is not ever easy and you  will encounter obstacles that you never imagined. Step over them or  around them and keep going. You can achieve what ever you set your mind  to. There are wonderful and caring people everywhere to help you if you  will let them. Miracles happen every day, if you open your eyes and see  them. The best thing that we can do in life to be a friend. Marcia's  proudest moments revolve around helping people to believe in themselves,  particularly women. Sometimes all it takes to focus your energy in a  new direction is someone to believe you are capable, when you can no  longer believe in yourself.  

What people are saying

"Don't read this book if laughing out loud is a problem for you!"

"After reading The Artist's Journey", you will want to put on hiking boots, grab a backpack, and travel the road to Santiago de Compostela. Inspiring, authentic, and extremely entertaining, this book takes you on a journey of the heart, feet, and soul." 


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